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Capital Improvements to serve our Community

We aim to elevate TRTC’s position in the community to serve as an available venue to the myriad other nonprofit organizations in the area who have expressed a desire to partner with us, as well as serving as the permanent home to Stage of Life Theatre Company, a beloved local children’s program. In order to serve our community and SoL Theatre’s organizational needs, our current capital campaign aims to make improvements to our building to enhance the accessibility and safety of employees, patrons, students, volunteers, and artists.

The Community Aspect

We are the only rental space in Carbondale that can provide a turnkey solution for organizations that don’t want to, or can’t afford to deal with several rental companies. Launching a new, more affordable venue-rental program allows us to steward more organizations’ visions and reach greater audiences.

With increased turnover in the theatre space, it became evident that upgrading our HVAC system for better air quality, purchasing new platforming to further ensure the audiences’ safety, and purchasing new hearing-assistive technology for our patrons has become a necessity.

The Children’s Theatre Aspect

We recently partnered with SoL Children’s Theatre. All of their productions will now be performed in our theatre. It makes a lot of sense and it aligns with our mission to serve the community with theatre for all ages! SoL Theatre uses theatrical training and production in a fun, safe environment “to help children expand their self concept, inspire them to lead by example and educate them to build the social and emotional tools in order to live meaningful lives.”

There are many costs associated with bringing a new organization under our roof, including things like storage solutions, new flooring, mirrors, lighting and more.

The Accessibility Aspect

We intend to provide an even more fun and inclusive environment, by bringing our facility more in alignment with ADA guidelines.

We will begin by improving accessibility to our basement by building a lift, so it will be easy to access, no matter one’s physical abilities.  We then plan to build an ADA-compliant dressing room in the basement.

Once this building project is complete in 2023,  we will be able to welcome and partner with anyone that comes through our doors.