2022 – 2023 Season 

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Hurricane Diane

By Madeleine George

Directed by Beth Malone

Meet Diane, a permaculture gardener dripping with butch charm.  She’s got supernatural abilities owing to her true identity – the Greek god Dionysus – and she’s returned to the modern world to gather mortal followers and restore the earth to its natural state.  Where better to begin than with four housewives in a suburban New Jersey cul-de-sac?  Pulitzer Prize finalist Madeleine George pens a hilarious evisceration of the blind eye we all turn to climate change and the bacchanalian catharsis that awaits us, even in our own backyards.

Performances run from September 30, 2022 – October 16, 2022



By David Auburn

Directed by Sue Lavin

One of the most acclaimed plays of recent seasons, Proof explores the unknowability of love as much as it does the mysteries of mathematics.

On the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday, Catherine, a young woman who has spent years caring for her brilliant but unstable father, Robert, must deal not only with his death but with the arrival of her estranged sister, Claire, and with the attention of Hal, a former student of her fathers who hopes to find valuable work in the 103 notebooks that Robert left behind.

As Catherine confronts Hal’s affections and Claire’s plans for her life, she struggles to solve the most perplexing problem of all: How much of her father’s madness – or genius – will she inherit?

Performances run from November 18, 2022 – December 4, 2022



You Can’t Take It with You

By Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman

Directed by Missy Moore

At first, the Sycamores seem mad, but it is not long before we realize that if they are mad, the rest of the world is madder.  In contrast to these delightful people are the unhappy Kirby’s.  The plot shows how Tony, the attractive young son of the Kirby’s, falls in love with Alice Sycamore and brings his parents to dine at the Sycamore home on the wrong evening.  The shock sustained by the Kirby’s, who are invited to eat cheap food, shows Alice that marriage with Tony is out of the question.  The Sycamores, however, though sympathetic to Alice, find it hard to realize her point of view.  Meantime, Tony, who knows the Sycamores are right and his own people wrong, will not give her up, and in the end, Mr. Kirby is converted to the happy madness of the Sycamores, particularly since he happens in during a visit by an ex-Grand Duchess, earning a living as a waitress.  No mention has as yet been made of the strange activities of certain members of the household engaged in the manufacture of fireworks; nor of the printing press set up in the parlor; nor of Rheba and her friend Donald; nor of Grandpa’s interview with the tax collector when he tells him he doesn’t believe in income tax.

Performances run from February 17, 2023 – March 5, 2023


The Lifespan of a Fact

By Jeremy Kareken & David Murrell and Gordon Farrell

Based on the book by John D’Agata and Jim Fingal

Directed by Renee Prince

Jim Fingal is a fresh-out-of-Harvard fact checker for a prominent sinking New York Magazine.  John D’Agata is a talented writer with a transcendent essay about the suicide of a teenage boy – an essay that could save the magazine from collapse.  When Jim is assigned to fact-check D’Agata’s essay, the two come head-to-head in a comedic yet gripping battle over facts versus truth.

Performances run from June 9, 2023 – June 25, 2023


Single Tickets: $35

Advocate Tickets: $25

Season Passes: $105

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  • Masks are optional

Other safeguards include: 

  • Fully vaccinated staff
  • Daily cleaning of high-touch surfaces
  • Sanitizer and wipes in the lobby

Thank you in advance for your consideration and co-operation. We look forward to seeing you!

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